What is dscsim good for?

dscsim is intended as a training simulation for learning the procedures and the handling of radio devices within the GMDSS system. GMDSS (global maritime distress and safety system) is the international standard for maritime radio communication in distress and safety situations.

dscsim simulates the required devices (radio transceivers, DSC controllers) and uses the internet to connect all of them together, thereby simulating the radio communication between the different stations.


What is the current status of the project?

With the current release 1.3.1 dscsim has reached beta state. The core functionality of a VHF DSC controller and radio is implemented. The user guide currently only exists in a german version.


Can I get involved?

Yes. If you are interested to contribute to the project, just contact one of the team members (committers) via email.

Frequent contributors recognised by existing committers to the project may be asked if they would like to join the project.


What platform does dscsim run on?

dscsim is a pure Java application. It was tested to run on JRE 1.4.2 or higher. A java based installer is available. (Shortcut creation at the moment only works on the Windows platform.)


I am behind a firewall. Can I use dscsim?

dscsim currently makes use of a UDP based peer-to-peer networking protocol. To be able to communicate with other machines throughout the net it is necessary that bidirectional UDP communication is possible on port 37534.

Whereas in the home area it mostly is possible to easily configure routers to forward UDP packetit might be very hard to impossible to get this done within a company network. So you might ask your network admin to set this up, but chances are high that your companies security policies disallow the required packet routing.